PRESS RELEASE: Actor Career Mentorship Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary and a New Season of Impact


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – VANCOUVER, BC – February 15, 2022 – Celebrating its tenth year, Vancouver’s renowned Actor Career Mentorship kicked off last month with 10 new female-identifying mentees, joining the over 150 women who have now gone through the program.

Participant Announcement and Program Goals:
This year’s 10 mentees were selected after a detailed review of all applications by a an annually appointed 3-person jury. The 2022 jury included expertise from Colleen Bolton, award-winning Casting Director (Gabby Duran & The Unsittables, The Magicians, Wayward Pines), Brian Markinson, renowned actor & producer (A Million Little Things, Continuum, Mad Men), and Krista Magnusson, award-winning actor (Woke, Away, The Baby-Sitters Club). The 6-month Mentorship runs from January to June with mentees having monthly 1-hour meetings with their mentors.

The program kicked-off January 7 with the ‘How to Get the Most Out of Your Mentorship’ talk, followed up with the mentee Goal-Setting Workshop on January 13, 2022, with the aim of preparing mentees for an impactful start to their mentor relationships with clear, S.M.A.R.T. goals to work on, alongside any initial questions that came up from their personal discovery work.

Congratulations to this year’s mentees: Bethany Stanley, Chhavi Disawar, CK (Charankanwal) Kaur, Danielle Klaudt, Ebony North, Faly Mevamanana, Genevieve Brock, Jessica Lee, Karina Frislev, Lola Claire

Gratitude & appreciation for this year’s mentors: Agam Darshi, Ali Liebert, Camille Sullivan, Carly Pope, Catherine Lough Haggquist, Crystal Balint, Jennifer Spence, Luvia Petersen, Nicole Oliver, Tammy Gillis

The Mentors are all outstanding female-identifying actors who have extensive experience in the Vancouver film industry and are well versed in the ecosystem, challenges, players, etc.

With the mentorship going entirely virtual during the pandemic, some mentors are still located in Vancouver and others have moved to Los Angeles or Toronto. While acting is sometimes portrayed as quite competitive with people pitted against each other, this is quite different from the reality. “There is a plethora of amazing talent that truly want to help actors trying to grow their careers in Vancouver,” says Magnusson. “All of the mentors want to share any guidance they can to make the acting career easier for others.”

As a one-on-one mentorship, discussions can get quite personal and the long-term impact can be profound – from mentees having their career take off, to others shifting to a successful career as a film director. The most common impact stated by mentees in the Post-Mentorship Review is that they now know they’re doing everything they can, there’s no secret step they’re missing – and that they feel truly supported by an amazing group of actor Mentors they admire.

The Ten Year History of the Actor Career Mentorship Program:
Historically the program was run alongside Women in Film & TV Vancouver (WIFTV), as Magnusson was a Board Member when she first created the program. With WIFTV mandates changing over time, Magnusson decided to run the program independently starting this year. This allows for all funds from the Mentorship program to go directly into the program itself and Magnusson hopes to grow the impact in future years.

Brainchild of Krista Magnusson, local actor and marketing expert, the 6-month program was created when she reached a point in her acting career where acting teachers and Q&A panels weren’t able to provide that personal insight needed. Having been in the business world for years, Magnusson had benefited from mentors during her marketing career and also been a mentor multiple times herself in the Women in Leadership Mentorship program. “While mentorship is common in the business world, shifting to different mentors as your experience & career grows, and there were programs for writers, directors, and producers in the film industry, it really didn’t exist for actors in Vancouver. So I decided to build what I was looking for myself.” stated Magnusson.

For any questions or interviews, please contact:
Krista Magnusson
Creator/Director Actor Career Mentorship
Phone: 604-484-9480